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Watermelon Peperomia

Peperomia argyreia

in 11cm Cement Pot with Stand

Take one look at the leaves of the Watermelon Peperomia and it's fairly clear where it gets its name. The round lush green leaves are striped with silvered bands and supported by bright red stems... it really is like a Watermelon in plant form!

Fairly easy to care for even for an inexperienced gardener, and in this small size it makes a great windowsill plant for an east or west facing window.

The plant pictured is an example of an average specimen. These are baby plants so their size and form varies, but within a few months all will develop to a similar maturity.


Hailing from the forest floors of South America (like many of the most beautiful tropical houseplants!) Peperomia argyreia is adapted to grow well in indirect light.

The plant stays fairly small, rarely exceeding 30cm tall, but will grow bushier with age, forming a large clump of stems and an impressive display of watermelon-like foliage.

The accepted botanical name is Peperomia argyreia, but is also often referred to as Peperomia sandersii and Peperomia argyrophylla. It's commonly known as Watermelon Plant, Watermelon Peperomia and Watermelon Begonia.

Images pictured in this section are for illustration only. Please see the product photo above for an accurate representation of the size of plant you will receive.

Find the Right Spot

The most important aspect to the health of any house plant is finding a spot which meets it’s basic needs for light, temperature and water.

Perfecting the environment and ensuring long-term care needs are met will take your plant from surviving to thriving.

Read through these care instructions for Peperomia argyreia (aka Peperomia sandersii, Peperomia argyrophylla), and remember if you need help, we’re an email away.

Ongoing Care

The Watermelon Peperomia doesn't need too much fuss. Only repot when the stems are really crowding its pot or when the compost is degraded and won't hold water. Pot with a well draining houseplant mix.

If you don't need to repot, you can top-dress the plant each year by adding a very small layer of fresh compost to the top of the soil, being very careful not to damage the fragile stems.


While Peperomia argyreia will tolerate some shade, it will grow much happier and healthier in partial sun or bright indirect light like in an east/west or even north facing windowsill, or set back inside a room with a southern exposure.

Water & Humidity

As with many jungle floor plants, it's best to keep a balance of moist but never soggy. Water when the top of the compost is dry to the touch. Be sure not to overwater, nor to allow the compost to completely dry.


The minimum temperature to keep the Watermelon Peperomia happy is around 10ºC. 15ºC or higher is ideal for consistent healthy growth.


As long as you don't under or over water, Peperomia argyreia is a very undemanding and easy plant to care for.