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Flaming Sword

Vriesea splendens

in a 9cm nursery pot.

The dramatic red inflorescence of the Flaming Sword Plant may be the first thing you notice, but don't let it distract you from the equally stunning zebra-striped arching foliage.

A relative of the Pinapple (see the resemblance?), this Bromeliad will hold onto it's flower for 3-4 months before putting it's energy into growing pups around it's base.


Vriesa splendens is a tropical epiphyte, hailing from Central and South America. Leaves can grow up to 60cm and the plant can grow up to 1m, though around 50-70cm is a more typical height when grown as a houseplant.

The accepted botanical name is Vriesea splendens. It's commonly known as Flaming Sword.

Images pictured in this section are for illustration only. Please see the product photo above for an accurate representation of the size of plant you will receive.

How to care for Vriesea splendens (Flaming Sword)

Finding the Right Spot

The most important aspect to the health of any house plant is finding a spot which meets it’s basic needs for light, temperature and water.

Perfecting the environment and ensuring long-term care needs are met will take your plant from surviving to thriving.

Read through these care instructions for Vriesea splendens , and remember if you need help, we’re an email away.

Ongoing Care

Like most Bromeliads, Vriesea splendens will flower only once from each rosette of leaves. Once the flower dies back, the plant will grow young pups which can be detached and planted on and will produce new flowers in 2-5 years.

Pups may emerge from the centre or outside of the rosette; when they emerge, carefully cut them away from the parent plant, maintaining a section of root, then plant on into an epiphyte potting mix (compost with plenty of structure like coco-fibre is fine) or directly onto wood.

You can't force an adult plant to re-flower, but you can speed up flowering of new plants by placing them in a plastic bag with a ripe apple for around 10 days. The apple will release ethylene gas which will trigger the plant to flower in the following weeks.


As tropical epiphtyes, Vriesea are accustomed to dappled tropical sun. As a houseplant in the UK this means they will tollerate full sun for most of the year, although pull away from too much direct sun over the hottest part of summer.

Bright indirect light is fine, and even light shade is tolerated, though the plant will be slow to grow and flowering may be delayed.

Water & Humidity

The roots of Vriesea are mostly to secure the plant to their host; they will absorb some water, but the majority of it's needs are provided through moisure absorbed through foliage.

Keep compost moist but never soggy to keep the roots healthy, and keep the 'urn' in the centre of the plant topped up with water.


Keep the plant warm all year round, 15ºC or above.


Vriesea are very easy to care for. The foliage is sturdy and the plant tolerates infreqent waterings very well. Get the conditions right and it will give you no problems!


Bromeliads are generally pet safe. The foliage is non-toxic, and is sturdy enough that it's unlikely to be nibbled by curious pets.