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Small Satin Pothos

Scindapsus pictus 'Trebie'

in a 12cm nursery pot.

When the light catches the satin variegation of the Satin Pothos, it's easy to understand why this has long been a popular houseplant.

As if being beautiful isn't enough, it's super easy to care for and will be happy in wide variety of spots in your home.


A vining plant from Southeast Asia, it would be found in the wild trailing along forest floors and scrambling up tree trunks.

The accepted botanical name is Scindapsus pictus 'Trebie', but is also often referred to as Pothos argyraea. It's commonly known as Satin Pothos, Satin Money Plant and Silver Vine.

Images pictured in this section are for illustration only. Please see the product photo above for an accurate representation of the size of plant you will receive.

How to care for Scindapsus pictus 'Trebie' (Satin Pothos)

Finding the Right Spot

The most important aspect to the health of any house plant is finding a spot which meets it’s basic needs for light, temperature and water.

Perfecting the environment and ensuring long-term care needs are met will take your plant from surviving to thriving.

Read through these care instructions for Scindapsus pictus 'Trebie' (aka Pothos argyraea), and remember if you need help, we’re an email away.

Ongoing Care

Like many vining plants in the Areaceae family, Scindapsus pictus is happy to be pruned, and cuttings will root willingly.

Trim stems when they reach a length you're happy with. Allow the cuttings to heal for 24 hours then pot on or plant back into the same pot to make the plant bushier. Repot the plant when roots emerge from the bottom of the pot.


Keep away from too much direct sun which can scorch the leaves. It will tolerate some shade, but the silvered variegation may fade. Bright indirect like a north or east facing window, or slightly set back from a south or west facing window, is ideal.

Water & Humidity

Keep compost moist but never soggy.


Keep above 15ºC year round.


Like many Areceae, Scindapsus pictus is very easy to care for. It tolerates some missed waterings well, and copes will with dry indoor air (though will appreciate humidity if you can provide it).


Contains calcium oxalate crystals which can irritate skin. Keep well out of the react of pets and children.