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Network Prayer Plant

Geoppertia kegeljanii 'Network'

in 19cm Light Modern Wedge Pot

The patterned leaves of the Network Prayer Plant is like a tapestry woven to leaf. The mosaic dark and light greens look particularly stunning when the sun passes through a leaf, shining like a stained glass window.

With tougher, waxier leaves than most Prayer Plants this makes a particularly easy-care Prayer Plant which won't panic if you're a bit forgetful with the watering. For the same reason, it's happier with a bit more sun than usual among its siblings.


In its native Brazil, it’s habituated to the floor of tropical rainforests. Unlike many Prayer Plants, this species doesn’t move its leaves much throughout the day, but what it lacks in movement it makes up for in style.

Leaves are waxy with a glossy surface, with a mosaic-like pattern of dark and light green which makes a particularly stunning display when light shines through the leaf.

The accepted botanical name is Goeppertia kegeljanii 'Network', but is also often referred to as Goeppertia bella, Calathea musaica, Calathea network and Calathea bella. It's commonly known as Network Prayer Plant, Network Calathea, and Zebra Plant.

Images pictured in this section are for illustration only. Please see the product photo above for an accurate representation of the size of plant you will receive.

Find the Right Spot

The most important aspect to the health of any house plant is finding a spot which meets it’s basic needs for light, temperature and water.

Perfecting the environment and ensuring long-term care needs are met will take your plant from surviving to thriving.

Read through these care instructions for Goeppertia kegeljanii 'Network' (aka Goeppertia bella, Calathea musaica, Calathea network, Calathea bella), and remember if you need help, we’re an email away.

Ongoing Care

Feed once a month with half-strength organic plant food.

When the stems begin to crowd the pot, pot on or propagate new plants by carefully dividing the plant into a few clumps and planting on.


Unlike most Prayer Plants, who are all too easily damaged by full sun, the Network Prayer Plant will happily soak up a bit of sun without damage to its leaves. Sunny conservatories or a very sunny windowsill still may be a bit too much, but the waxy leaves slow down moisture loss.

Water & Humidity

Water thoroughly and allow the soil to dry a little to get oxygen to the roots. Never let the soil dry completely - this particular Prayer Plant won't immediately fall over like most of its siblings if you let the soil dry out, but it's better for its long term help not to let that happen.

High humidity will keep the leaves looking their best, but it's not as necessary as with many Marantaceae.


A bit more cold tolerant than most Prayer Plants, we've seen one of ours dip down to 10ºC over some chilly winter nights with no sign of ill effect! As a general rule, though, the absolute minimum night-time temperature for Prayer Plants is 12ºC, and ideally above 15ºC at all times.


By far one of the easiest Prayer Plants to care for, this is more like looking after a Tree Fern.


None. Members of the Marantaceae are non-toxic (but not edible!).