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Polka-dot Angelwing

Begonia maculata - 14cm

in 14cm Calm Ocean Pot

The bright red undersides to these leaves give an incredible contrast to the silvery white spotted faces. Clusters of white flowers emerge in Spring and make this beautiful plant an even more impressive sight.

These specimens are bushy and compact but the plant can grow to over a metre if you give it some structure to support its stems. It likes high humidity and abhors the cold, but otherwise makes for a fairly easy plant to care for as long as temperatures in your house stay high enough all year round.


Few plants make as much effort to impress as Begonia maculata. Ruby red leaf undersides contrast with vivid green leaf faces covered in silvery-white spots. Like many leaf patterns, it's thought these developed as an adaptation to break up the leaf silhouette as a form of camouflage from herbivores.

The stems attach to the undulating leaves off-centre, giving a wing-like appearance, and lending it one of it's common names, Angelwing. It's also sometimes called the Trout Begonia after it's spots.

Come springtime it erupts into an even more impressive display as it blooms clusters of bright white pendulous flowers.

The accepted botanical name is Begonia maculata. It's commonly known as Polka-dot Angelwing, Trout Begonia, Spotty Begonia, Spotty Angelwing and Angelwing.

Images pictured in this section are for illustration only. Please see the product photo above for an accurate representation of the size of plant you will receive.

Find the Right Spot

The most important aspect to the health of any house plant is finding a spot which meets it’s basic needs for light, temperature and water.

Perfecting the environment and ensuring long-term care needs are met will take your plant from surviving to thriving.

Read through these care instructions for Begonia maculata , and remember if you need help, we’re an email away.

Ongoing Care

More info coming soon...


The delicate leaves of Begonia maculata don't enjoy harsh summer sun, so it's best to keep this in a spot where it will get a lot of bright filtered light but not too much direct sun. It will grow fine in the shade but if light levels are too low the stems may get leggy.

Water & Humidity

The roots of Begonia maculata like to breathe inbetween waterings, so water thoroughly and then allow the compost to dry out slightly and aerate. To maintain the leaves at their most beautiful, keep humidity levels high.


The delicate leaves of this plant are very sensitive to low temperatures. Much time below around 12ºC will cause a lot of damage, so keep this plant in a spot where daytime temperatures are reliably around 14ºC or higher.


When Polkadot Angelwing is in a suitable spot, it's actually easier to care for than its reputation. The leaves and stems are delicate, so keep it well out of the way of areas it might get brushed, pushed and pawed.


While the most poisonous part of Begonia is below the soil, the leaves contain sodium oxalate crystals which are irritating to the tissues of the mouth and GI tract. The size and shape of the leaves mean they can be initially appealing to some pets to nibble, so keep this plant well out of the reach of curious pets.